First, it is very important to know that the acne is a skin disease related to your age and it is part of adolescence development, 80% of teenagers around the world suffer from acne in bigger or lesser degree. Adults can also suffer from acne due to hormonal alterations, a genetic predisposition, medical intake or consumption of vitamin B, the wrong use of creams or make-up and certain diseases.

Acne may be present periodically, there may be times of improvement and times of relapse. But there are several things we can do to avoid acne flare-ups. However the most important ones are:

1.Wash your face morning and night. During the day  your skin generates oil, and dust adheres to that oil clogs your pores. At night, your skin also generates oil and it is very important to remove the oil. Use a soap or a soft cleanser specifically for skin that suffers from acne. If you have sensitive skin, use a cleanser for sensitive skins. Do not wash your face more than two times per day, if you do then your skin will miss the oil and will stop producing it. During the day time you can use pads with salicylic acid to decrease the excessive shine.

2. Do not use make up or compact powders.Make up and compact powders will clog your pores. The bacteria that produces acne (Propionibacterium acnes it’s an anaerobic bacteria)grows better without oxygen, So when your pores are clog, it’s the perfect environment for the acne bacteria to grow.

3. If you are an adult and you have hormonal issues make an appointment with your doctor, this form of acne should be corrected.

4. Avoid taking vitamin B if you do not need it. There are people that have a strong flare-ups of acne when the take vitamin B.

5. Acne can also be genetic, so If your parents suffered from acne when they were teenagers, start a preventive treatment as soon as possible.



Take care of your skin, it is going to be with you for along time!!!

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