This week I will continue discussing how to treat brown spots. However, this time I will focus specifically on the brown spots that appear on the back of the hands, arms and face, which are secondaries to chronic sun exposure, hence, appearing as we age, especially after we turn 50 years old.

Treating these spots is important when we are interested in having a better appearance and a youthful look.

Using creams to remove these spots is not sufficient in order to get rid of the spots. However, the creams can help to decrease their intensity and using the creams is important for reducing the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation that is secondary to other treatments. Hydroquinone and other de-pigmentation products can be used.

Chemical peels are very helpful and in some cases they can decrease the tonality very satisfactorily.

One of the best treatments is the application of liquid nitrogen on the spots. This treatment, also known as cryotherapy or cryosurgery, consists of causing a burn by freezing the area with the spot, and then a small blister forms and scabs; once the scab falls off the spot either partially or completely disappears. It is for this reason than one or more treatments might be needed in order for the spot to be completely removed. This treatment is a bit painful and it must be performed by an expert. As side effect, scabs or hypo-pigmented spots (loss of colour) could appear in the treated area.

Pulsed light is also a very good treatment option because it diminishes the spots to the point that they can barely be seen. This treatment cannot be performed during the summer months, and we also need to be very careful because, if the patient suffers from melasma, the spots may increase.

Another good option is the treatment with a Nd-Yag Q-switched laser. This treatment can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with pulsed light. The results are fantastic! This treatment produces a burning sensation for a few hours and then a thin scab forms which will disappear a few days after the treatment. The treatment requires 3-4 sessions.


If you are wondering where can you get this treatments, Good news we provide this amazing treatment. Do not wait any longer to look younger by removing those brown spots.


In our next blog we will talk about: Tattoos and how to treat them. Do not miss it!

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