Laser hair removal is a method of removing body hair permanently. This is done by transmitting a very powerful beam of light directly into the hair matrix (the matrix nourishes the hair, making it grow). This light is attracted to the hair’s pigment, which captures the light and acts as a conducting cable, directing the light to the matrix and disabling it so the hair loses its source of nutrition and can be permanently removed.


Why is it necessary to have several sessions?

All of the hair on our body grows in cycles with different stages of growth. Only a certain percentage of our hair is in the anagen (initial growth) stage, during which time the hair is strongly connected to the matrix. Therefore, in each session, the hair that is most affected is in this stage. For that reason, an average of eight sessions is required to complete the treatment.


What other factors affect the number of sessions?

The hair removal laser is strongly attracted to pigment in both the hair and skin. When treating dark skin, we must reduce the intensity of the laser; otherwise part of the light will be attracted to the skin, which could result in burns. For this reason, darker skin tones tend to require more sessions to achieve the desired result.

Is pulsed light hair removal the same as laser hair removal?

Although both are effective, pulsed light is a different type of light that is emitted and attracted to different structures in the skin, not just the pigment. This causes the energy to dissipate, therefore, the number of sessions that are required increases.

Is laser hair removal painful?

It depends on the type of laser. Currently, there are state-of-the-art laser technologies that are virtually painless. The laser we use at Skin Blossom is the Soprano Ice Platinum and it’s pain free.

Can I have laser hair removal done in the summer?

It depends on the area. You can have it done in areas that are normally covered by clothing as well as other areas, depending on the type of laser. It is never recommended if you are going to be exposed to direct sunlight 15 days after the procedure or if you were exposed to the sun 15 days before.

Why do I need to shave before my sessions?

We mentioned that the hair acts as a cable transmitting the laser light to the matrix. The shorter the hair, the more quickly and intensely the light will reach the root of the hair.

Laser hair removal is no longer an unaffordable and painful procedure, so don’t hesitate and get rid of that unwanted hair.

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