We are frequently asked what is the purpose of a facial cleansing and how it differs from the cleansing done at home with soaps and exfoliants.

It is very important to clarify that both are very important. In order to have healthy skin, care and cleansing at home are fundamentals. Washing the face in the morning and at night with a good cleanser and exfoliating at least twice a week
are the best routines for the skin. 

However, for oily skin or skin with a tendency for acne, this is not enough. People who suffer from these conditions and type of skin accumulate oil inside their pores, this oil oxidizes and black pores appear; also, papules and blackheads could appear and if these are not removed properly, they can leave scars and marks.

When a facial cleansing is performed by experts, the skin is cleaned with the proper cleanser with a pH appropriate for the skin, and a toner is applied also to maintain the normal pH of the skin. 

We also do an exfoliation (exfoliation is very important in order to promote the renewal of the outer layers of the skin), we apply steam in order to open the pores and this is when the extractions are performed, and we clean the dirty pores and extract the blackheads, and last but not less, we apply serums and a mask … only then the skin is incredibly clean.



The cleansing facials should be performed periodically in order to keep the skin clean, healthy and radiant.

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