Today I would like to begin with a brief explanation of what acne is. As I mentioned in my previous blog, acne is 100% related to the hormonal changes that happen during adolescence. During this stage of development, hormones are not evenly released and this is the reason why there are constant flare ups and then better periods. During this stage, we need to change the word from healing to controlling acne; and we have excellent ways to control it.

Dermatologists, cosmetologists and beauticians can offer excellent treatments but that only represent 50% of the success of the treatment. The other 50% is how closely you follow the treatment. People tend to use the treatments only for a period of time, and
that only provides partial treatment.

Acne treatments vary depending on the type of the acne, the age, the genetics and the clinical history of each person. Typical treatments might not be enough and it is then that antibiotics may be required or even stronger medications such as isotretinoin. But today thanks to the technology, we have another alternative available to avoid oral medications; The use of blue LED light has proven to be an excellent alternative.

The use of photo-therapies using light with medical technology LED (Light Emitting Diode) has addressed the need for treatment using topic methods. This technology uses radiation with  enough energy to penetrate to the different depths of the skin and have a photochemical effect of the cells.

The LED treatments are based on exposing the area with acne to the LED’S non-thermal radiation with a group of select light lamps located a few centimeters from the skin for a set period of time. The most commonly LED colors used in photo-therapy are blue light and red light. The blue light acts on the P.acnes that are located just below the surface of the skin, while the red light goes deeper in order to reduce inflammation. This inflammation and regeneration of collagen, at the same time, helps us to decrease the acne spots and scars. This is a therapeutic alternative that requires periodic sessions with the patient, however it does not have any contraindications and it is providing excellent results.


Whatever treatment you choose, treat your face with love. Remember, Your skin can look fantastic..

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