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We are the experts of Painless Hair Removal

We are the experts of Painless Hair Removal
experts of Painless laser hair removal

We are simply your best professional Skin care clinic in North Vancouver for LASER HAIR REMOVAL. We use the latest technology available so that you can have a truly painless and comfortable session.

Our team is led by Claudia Munoz, dermatologist from Mexico with more than 25 years of experience. Claudia and her amazing team will ensure you achieve the results you are looking for.

Don’t risk your appearance and health; trust only the experts on Painless Laser Hair removal.

Who we are

We are a unique medical laser and skin care clinic that offers both medical and non-medical aesthetics in a great atmosphere, where you can find out about all the skin care treatments available and be advice to choose what will help you the most.

Skin Blossom is a SKIN CARE CLINIC founded by CLAUDIA MUÑOZ, experienced Dermatologist and Skin Cancer & Skin Surgery specialist from Mexico for over 25 years.

Her passion to help people with skin issues motivated her to keep in the field licensing as Advance Skin Care Professional, Medical Esthetician and Laser Technician, among others in B.C.

Built on her knowledge, experience, long successful career and her passion, Claudia Muñoz started helping people in Metro Vancouver and all around, with the best Skin Care clinic in North Vancouver, BC, four years ago.

we use the Alma Soprano Ice technology


Unwanted hair can be removed easily, we can remove all your body’s hair with no pain and in the shortest time possible, making this procedure absolutely comfortable.

Laser Hair Removal uses the principle of Selective Photothermolysis to target hair pigment and use it as a conductor to reach the hair papillae reducing hair nourishment and leading to hair reduction.

For painless laser hair removal, we use the Alma Soprano Ice technology, which is the most complete, advance and effective laser hair removal solution available today. It is virtually painless and is good for use on all skin types, including tanned and dark skins.

All our treatments are Health Canada approved.


Is the treatment with the laser really painless?
Yes, we have the best technology, so it is virtually painless. During the treatment we’ll encourage you to tell us if the heat gets uncomfortable to manage the cool and make your treatment an amazing and painless experience.
My skin is dark, is this treatment safe for me?
Of course, but because the laser’s light will be absorbed not only by the hair’s melanin buy by the skin’s melanin as well, we need to use less energy in order to avoid damage, you might need a few more sessions to achieve definite hair removal.
How many treatments will I need to achieve a permanent hair reduction?
Every person needs are different, the number of treatments varies according to your skin color and hair conditions, like density, color and thickness. The average range is 8 to 10 sessions.
Do I see improvement after the first treatment?
Some people will see improvement after the first session. But all will see the improvement after the 3rd session. The laser light targets only hair in mature anagen stage or phase that is in contact with the papillae, the one in charge of hair’s nourishment and the one we will target. That’s why you will need several sessions for the permanent hair removal.
How often I can have a treatment?

Because we need to target hair in mature anagen stage ( see previous explanation)
Best intervals:

  • 4 weeks for face
  • 6 weeks for neck, chest, back, underarms, arms, buttocks and bikini area
  • 8 weeks for legs
laser hair removal treatment canada

Why Choose us?

We are the experts

on Painless Laser Hair Removal in North Vancouver; our professional staff will take care of your needs in a friendly and discrete manner.

Our prices are truly competive

and we offer honest promotions; forget about raised prices to end in fake discounts. In Skin Blossom we deeply care about your skin and also your budget.

We own the peak technology for you

Hair removal is a very painful and uncomfortable procedure with mainly all methods except for the PAINLESS LASER HAIR REMOVAL with integrated cooling technology that delivers the most comfortable, effective and fast laser hair removal solution available today

We have the most professional

and friendly staff. We understand that Laser Hair removal could be an intimate procedure; you will feel comfortable and safe in the hands of our professionally trained laser hair removal experts.

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The best technology for the hair removal treatment

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