It is very important to know that when we talk about skin care, it is not only the care of our face. All of our skin requires personalized care that should not be taken for granted

Why is hand care so fundamental?

Well, here is the answer:
Hands are always exposed to external injury and abuse , which negatively affects the skin, and ages it prematurely. Even though the skin on the hands is thick and resistant, the back of the hand has a fine and fragile epidermis; hence as it loses elasticity and the hypodermic fat decreases, dark spots appear because of the relaxation of the tissue.
For these reasons, it is necessary that we hydrate and protect our hands.

Dermatologists recommend that we should start caring for our hands when we are 20 years old.

Now that you know how important our hands are, we will provide some tips that will help you to have radiant hands.

USE GLOVES: When you are doing house work, use gloves to protect your skin from coming into contact with cleaning products. Cleaning products can be very aggressive and can damage the hands. Use non-latex gloves. It is very common for latex to cause allergies.
SOFT SOAPS: If you frequently use soap to wash your hands, try to use a less harsh soap, one that agrees with your skin’s pH.
HYDRATING CREAM: It is very important that you use a cream specific for hands; one that would hydrate them and that helps you to absorb the nutrients thereby improving their appearance.

EXFOLIATION: For getting rid of dead skin and leaving your hands soft, exfoliate at least once a week.
DO NOT USE VERY HOT WATER: Even though the use of very hot water helps to get rid of greasy dishes and dirty clothes, it is very damaging to the hands.For these reason we recommend the use of warm water.
SUN PROTECTION: In the same way that you use sun screen cream on your face, you should also use it on your hands. In this way you will prevent early ageing and dark spots.
YOUR NAILS: Your nails are also part of your hands, and it is for this reason that they should be specially taken care of: Use strengthening nail polish, Frequently cut them, Hydrate the cuticles and nails.

“Do not forget that our hands are our calling card. There is nothing better than pretty and healthy hands.”

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