Since laser hair removal began, it has been considered a 100% cosmetic technology. However, it is also a great tool for some bothersome skin conditions where the facial and body hair have an important role.

At our skin care clinic, we also perform laser hair removal for issues such as chin folliculitis, that is when an ingrown hair creates painful lesions similar to acne, leaving marks and scares over time. This skin condition does not have a permanent cure unless the facial hair of the affected area (usually the chin and the moustache area) is permanently removed and the only way of doing this is by laser hair removal.

Folliculitis in other areas of the body such as the neck, tights and genital areas is also common and again laser hair removal will solve these issues too. Furincuolis is another skin condition that originates in damp and hairy areas, usually around the genitals; people who suffer from this condition have painful and frequent abscess, and regardless of the hygiene that they maintain it does not get resolved until the hair is permanently removed.


If you suffer of either of these problems, come to Skin Blossom we can help you get rid of these painful conditions.

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