Loose skin and puffiness under the eyes creating a ‘bag’ or ‘pocket’ that may be less noticeable on some days but is basically a permanent fixture.

As we explain in our earlier post “How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes“. We have the thinnest skin around our eyes, so it’s the area that’s most influenced by the in-and-out flow of fluids.



Cosmetic treatments for under-eye bags reduce the appearance of swelling and puffiness under the eye area, although only surgery can permanently reverse the problem. Some treatments provide additional benefits, such as tightening the skin and improving skin tone. Surgical treatments may also remove excess or baggy skin that interfere with vision. The primary function of cosmetic treatments is to improve appearance by eliminating or diminishing bags under the eyes.

Get a filler: Bags and dark circles caused by ageing will not respond to lifestyle changes; however, applying hyaluronic acid under the eyes may improve the appearance of this area.

The filler is injected under the eye to give the contours of the eyes a more youthful look.

This procedure may be dangerous if it is not performed by a professional. Make sure to do your research before you decide to get a filler.

Radio frequency treatment: The treatment of under-eye bags with radio frequency involves eliminating toxins from retained fluid and exudates in the contours of the eyes, as well as reducing pigmentation and fat. Radio frequency is also used to treat drooping and sagging bags and dark circles to give the face area a more balanced and youthful look.

Radio frequency provides a non-surgical facelift that significantly reduces dark circles without the need for incisions, or even anaesthetic. It is very easy to apply, and the results are amazing.

This procedure helps produce new collagen by means of electric pulses that help tighten the skin without causing any damage to the layers of the skin. It is so fast and easy that it doesn’t require any special care, so a person can resume their normal life immediately.

It has no side effects; however, it cannot be used on women who are pregnant or nursing, or on people with serious skin or heart problems, metallic prostheses, or cancer, as it could cause complications.

Have surgery: As people age, fat deposits move from the eyes and accumulate in the under-eye area, causing bags. Blepharoplasty is a procedure whereby accumulated fat is removed or repositioned so it can then be treated with laser to tighten the skin in the area. Recovery could take several weeks.

Decide now so your eyes look more radiant than ever!

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