A lot of people wonder why an eye cream is even necessary in the first place.

Over time, everyday strain tend to leave marks on your face, which are very hard to erase. Wrinkles, dehydration, puffiness, and a lack of luminosity and firmness are just some of the “aesthetic problems” that are even more noticeable in sensitive areas.

The skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than your face, It has less collagen, elastin fibers and lacks of sebaceous glands (which produce skin emollients).The skin in this area is constantly active. Blinking (about 10,000 times a day), winking, and doing any kind of expressions practically unconscious. The eye contour area, don’t have sweat glands to provide hydration (which help to prevent wrinkles) and the capillary vessels are very small, therefore the skin takes longer to repair, and oil and toxins accumulate easily.

All this leave mark around the eyes and increase the noticeable signs of ageing. The area around the eyes is usually the first to show visible signs of ageing. That’s why wrinkles, expression lines and signs of fatigue can appear prematurely.

Fatigue and age, may slow down blood and lymphatic microcirculation around the eyes, thereby the collagen and elastin production is less and cause the appearance of bags and dark circles. These signs will become more noticeable if the area is dehydrated.

But even when some of these issues are unavoidable, thanks to cosmetics and aesthetics, there are specific creams that help us to delay and reduce aging effects.

For all this reasons, we should be using eye cream. Take care of your eye contour area, after all it help you to look fabulous.


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