Did you know that having laser hair removal, other than making the hair disappear, is also important for other reasons?

Folliculitis is a skin infection caused by the Saureus bacteria that appears as a lesion similar to acne in areas with hair; it is very common for men to suffer from this in the beard and moustache areas. It can also occur in other areas of the body where hair grows (meaning all of the body with the exception of palms of the hands and the plants of your feet). People call them pimples, and these usually increase when you shave. When laser hair removal removes the hair, it also cures folliculitis.

Another benefit of hair removal is the elimination of ingrowth hairs. Have you ever suffered from ingrown hairs when you wax or shave? Were you aware that they could leave small scars or spots when you try to get rid of them? Well, it is time to forget about them by using laser hair removal.

As you can see, the laser hair removal procedure is not only an excellent cosmetic tool, but it also helps with medical conditions related to hair.

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